Skin pathologies are one of the most common diseases worldwide. Among them, skin cancer is one of the ten tumours with the highest incidence rates and is especially relevant from a public health perspective.

Patient treatment and follow-up is currently very important to prevent the progress of cutaneous neoplasms.

DermaLumics wants to change this paradigm by a permanent focus on improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation in healthcare. Our value proposition is a portable combination of three technologies comprising clinical imaging and a D.D. &OCT solution that incorporates standard digital dermoscopy. This solution will provide dermatologists with exceptional results and ease of use, increase patient flow and has the potential to prevent a significant number of biopsies.

Our Vision

  • DermaLumics is committed to transforming progress in the science and technology of light into high-quality innovative products improving human living standards worldwide.

Our Mission

  • DermaLumics will achieve and develop its vision in the coming years by expanding the clinical indications for optical coherence tomography, through a new class of hand-held and ultra-compact devices. In the process, it will become the world leader in this market segment and a major player for this imaging technique.

Our Values

  • The company was born out of a desire to improve the living standards of the population through the application of knowledge. As implied in our mission, we are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards in everything we do and to working with our clients and other stakeholders to maximise the social benefits of our business.
  • Our people and their talent are our most important resource. The contribution of each employee to the quality of our products and to our customer’s total satisfaction is the foundation of our continuing growth and success. We will constantly strive to maintain an atmosphere where our employees can exercise personal initiative, fully utilise their individual talents and feel a sense of pride and value.