Catch Attention To Your Cover Letter With This Tips

You need your cover letter to catch the attention of the person reading it, if it doesn’t no matter how good your resume is, the employer won’t be taking as much interest as they should be.

When writing a resume cover letter it’s important to keep the reader interested, I personally believe if you have an amazing cover letter then it doesn’t matter how good your resume is, your still likely to get an interview because you grabbed the interest of the employer at your first point of contact, you were always told first impressions count right? Well its true, and not just face to face.

A good place to start when writing a cover letter is imagine you were there in front of the person talking to them face to face. Would you bore them with a huge lecture telling them things they didn’t really need to know? I am guessing not, I wouldn’t anyway. I like to keep it short and sweet, get all the juicy details in early on make a joke or two if you can and make the person you’re talking to enjoy talking to you.

Catch Attention To Your Cover Letter With This Tips

Another thing you should remember is tell the truth never tell them your amazing at math’s or you’re a killer sales person if you’re not, you should never lie to get a job, you will get caught out in the end if they ask you to do a task you said you were amazing at but really sucked at. Here are a few cover letter writing tips which should push you in the right direction while you’re learning how to write a cover letter:

  1. When writing a cover letter it’s important not to just grab a template from the internet and use that, you need to tailor each cover letter to the job you are applying for.
  2. Do not use any clichés or words that might confuse the employer.
  3. Since your cover letter will usually be the first time you have any contact with the employer you need to be sure to make a good impression.
  4. You should always mention where you learnt of the job position for example a local paper, internet or a friend.
  5. Tell the employer why you are interested in the job, are you passionate about the job role? Also tell them why you want to work for their company and not someone else’s.
  6. Tell the employer any qualifications you may have and any other reasons why you are qualified for the job.
  7. Let the employer know of any achievements you have made, even if they are not achievements made at work, but show that you are determined to be successful at anything you do.
  8. Never duplicate your resume.
  9. Let your employer know how you are going to follow up on your application will you call them? Email them?
  10. Always triple check your spelling and grammar, it will be even better if you can get someone else to look over it.

One of the most important tips of all is ‘Keep the employer interested’ do not drag out your cover letter, keep it to the point and keep it enjoyable to read.
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