DermaLumics is born as a spin-out from MedLumics in 2015. MedLumics (www.medlumics.com) is a medical device company founded in 2009 with operations since 2011 with the goal of taking the latest technological and scientific developments in biophotonics and turning them into innovative and quality products to improve quality of life. It focuses on one of the most successful light-based diagnostic techniques, Optical Coherence Tomography, which is currently seeing rapid expansion and growth.

DermaLumics is a global medical device company, based in Madrid (Spain). Its aim is to transform skincare through innovative imaging solutions based on Optical Coherence Tomography.

We began by conducting a detailed global market research to identify clinical needs. Once they were identified, we developed the product to satisfy all those needs. Now we can announce the results of our work. DermaLumics is pleased to present THE NEXT IMAGING TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION FOR DERMATOLOGY: nitid, our first product.

nitid combines this microscopic resolution modality with a digital epiluminescence microscope and a lesion documentation system in a battery-operated portable device designed for daily use. nitid provides physicians and their patients around the world with industry-leading tools that aid diagnosis and offer guidance in providing therapy.