Quality Policy


DermaLumics is focused on the design and development of a new family of Optical Coherence Tomography systems powered by integrated optical technology, delivering solutions to enhance diagnostics in dermatology and aesthetics.


As a part of our commitment to Quality, DermaLumics will provide best in class products to meet or exceed our customers’ cost, quality, reliability and safety requirements and to continuously meet their highest level of expectations. Applying Continuous Improvement to improve our products, our operating processes and our customer service we strive for business performance Excellence to enhance our customers’ satisfaction and to ensure the organization’s long term profitable growth. We value trust, integrity and mutual respect, supporting our employees, communities and customers. We are committed to compliance with ethical standards and all applicable laws and regulations.


Because of the relevance of such products in terms of public health and patient safety, our Management is committed to ensure that all our OCT systems are safe and reliable, exceeding Customer’s expectations, technologically advanced, of the highest Quality, cost-effective, fully supported by an excellent customer service and fulfill with all the applicable requirements and standards.


It is our goal to ensure that our brand new OCT technology allows patients to receive enhanced diagnostics through high-resolution medical imaging and to provide enhanced medical care by minimizing risk, discomfort and morbidity associated with conventional biopsy or surgical operations. Our systems are also designed to improve the standard of care in treatment by allowing more accurate tissue evaluation and guidance of surgical and aesthetical procedures.


The Organization is committed to these goals, meaning that they are the concern of every employee in the company. True Quality starts with understanding our customer needs, continues with the design and manufacturing of products and processes and it flows through every phase in our operations effected by each team member’s work. Our Quality and safety processes and procedures are broad in scope and they apply stringent Quality and safety standards.


The Organization and its team are committed to complying with the requirements of ISO Standards   9001:2015 and   13485:2016.

The achievement and maintenance of high Quality standards in everything DermaLumics does is always focused on these three pillars:

  • Patients, because DermaLumics advocates:
    • Less need for surgical intervention. For example, BCC, SCC and AK can be treated without surgery (topical pharmacological therapy). A fully non-invasive treatment continuum can only be provided by reliable non-invasive therapy controls;
    • Less unnecessary biopsies, especially for high-risk patients with numerous suspicious lesions.
  • Professionals, because DermaLumics provides dermatologists/aesthetics professionals with:
    • Accuracy in the identification of dermatological/aesthetical lesion size after confirmation of primary diagnosis, avoiding unnecessary biopsies and assisting in pre- and intra-operative surgical planning;
    • Non-invasive diagnosis of BCC, AK and SCC, based on real-time imaging with high sensitivity and specificity;
    • An imaging device that can detect where biopsies can be performed in larger lesions;
    • A device that can be used to monitor progress for non-surgical treatments and follow-up visits for patients;
    • A point-of-care imaging tool that saves time.
  • Healthcare Facilities, because DermaLumics facilitates:
    • Savings in treatment costs and reduced diagnosis times;
    • Improvements in patient care and the practice of evidence-based medicine.


Maximum job satisfaction is a prerequisite for success as a team and as a company, and a sure path for each member of the Organization. While it is our intention to foster and encourage individual initiative, it is equally important that we all understand the company’s goals and the means laid out to meet the high standards implicit in them.

In Tres Cantos (Madrid), January 2018.


Nigel Wing


DermaLumics, CEO