Working overseas can be a fantastic opportunity

You can experience a new lifestyle, climate, culture and possibly even a new language all while earning a living enabling you to stay far longer than you might of been able to otherwise. Whether you are teaching English as a second language, working in a pub, volunteering or any other of the many opportunities available, there are a number of factors to take into account before you leave home. You just need to have a resume that show all your benefits.

Insuring Yourself on Your Working Holiday

Health insurance should be the most important item on your agenda when traveling overseas, whether it be a working holiday, or any other holiday for that matter. You never know when you will need it and if you get caught out, you can swiftly find yourself left in the lurch with a growing pile of bills.

If you are lucky your employer will cover your health insurance while you are overseas. If not, however, comprehensive travel insurance is easily obtainable for a fee from your home country and is the single most important investment you can make before leaving home.

The Cost of Living Overseas

What to Check Before Working Overseas | Dermalumics.comOne aspect of living overseas that is easily overlooked is the change in living expenses, not only can there be a large difference from your home country but importantly there can be a large difference between your take-home pay and what you have to spend to live there.

Eastern European countries can appear to pay quite poorly but the cost of living is far less, leaving you with more spare cash to spend. Western European and some Asian countries can appear to pay quite well, however the cost of rent and food can quickly absorb the majority of that income. Taking the time to evaluate the cost of rent, food and transportation can show you just how much of that pay check you will actually be able to enjoy.

Visa Requirements

Well before leaving you should make sure you have the right visa and fulfill all the requirements for the visa. Not all employers will assist with obtaining a visa and in some countries there are employers that will not even bother to check, causing you to run the risk of deportation. Some countries require sponsorship for a visa and require certain types for certain work thus arrangement of this well before hand is essential.

Your Taxation Requirements

How you are taxed when working overseas can vary greatly depending on where you are from and where you choose to work. Needless to say this is also something that needs to be checked with your home countries taxation office as there are often special arrangements between countries as to how you get taxed and certain rules for overseas workers.

Check the Local Customs

The local customs, mannerisms and culture is well worth investigating before you leave. Some countries have unique customs that are useful to know to avoid embarrassment. Dining customs, relationships, and even clothing can all differ substantially from your home country.

Don’t Worry it’s Easy!

Working overseas can appear daunting, but with the correct preparation you will not have anything to worry about. By taking the time to check your visa and insurance, check the local customs, costs and your taxation requirements you will be insuring that your time overseas is worry free, enabling you to experience the life and culture in a new part of the world.